Treadwell Pet Products
is a manufacturer's distributor and has been importing Musher's Secret from Canada since 1990.
Treadwell Pet Products sells "To the Trade" only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase Musher's Secret?

For retail customers: Find a dealer near you!

How often should I use Musher's Secret?

It depends on the activity level of your dog.
Mushers will "walk off"
in about a week.
In snowy conditions,
I use it 2-3 times a week
(we walk 2 miles a day)

In snowy weather, be sure to spread Mushers up in between the pads
to prevent snowballing.

Is it ok if my dog licks his paws after I
apply Mushers?

Absolutely, dogs like the taste,
and ingredients
are all 100% natural waxes.
I usually apply just before we go out.

Is Musher's Secret just for the winter?

Definitely not. 
Mushers protects from hot pavement
and sand as well as any
irritants your pet may walk through.
We have many customers
in Arizona and California.

Will Mushers stain my clothes or carpet?

No.  Mushers is absorbed into the pads
and will not leave stains on your
carpets or furniture.
What happens if my dog eats Musher's Secret?

Other than a mild laxative effect,
Mushers will not harm you pet if he eats it.